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About Us

About Us

I started writing when I was five years old. I am not sure if I got any better at it since then, but I try. Over a period of six decades, one collects a lot of paper. And what is written there either has value to more than one person, or not.

TheDreamWindow.com was an idea I had many years ago when I saw what the Internet could do. I got the address, but did nothing for almost ten years. I was waiting for something, or some time.

As a writer, you know how hard it is, so I won’t bore you with the “why me” of writer’s block or the “why them” of envy. You are a writer, be proud and walk tall grasshopper.

What is this site for? It’s a place for all the things that I put to paper over the years and maybe on the long haul, could be for other writers. But for now, I want to make sure all the things I composed and dreamt about receive some space.

Like you, I have tried to climb the mountain. First with friends, “Hey is this any good?” Now on to literary agents, who one starts to believe were put on the earth to simply keep writers away from decision makers. And to publishers and to studios, who live behind large solid walls and lawyers. No wonder most of what they do looks and reads like what they have already done; over and over.

I pity the poor writer who wants to be published. I too, have heard the words, “That’s not quite what will sell.” Or the infamous line, “You are not famous enough to write a book like that.” Okay, maybe I am just not that good. Doubt is the writer’s incurable disorder and I have decided that all those folks are enablers.

Over the decades, I spent time with my yellow legal pads on sandy beaches, and IBM Selectrics® in small little rooms on Sundays and then to the word processor on each new upgrade of a computer. And the work that was done should be somewhere, if only for my children to read.

That old saying, you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink comes to mind. If you are an agent and you want to “five and dime”this material, be my guest. But do you suppose the person who decided to make GONE WITH THE WIND or CASABLANCA only read the first chapter or the last ten pages and then opened their check book?

And to other writers, I can only hope that somewhere here, you will be inspired to write something great. There are only so many days in a year, but there are thousands of words. Use to make us cry, laugh, or just maybe, think.

Thanks for coming to the site. DwightDouglas.com is a look into a person’s soul and the words placed here are for someone to read. 

Dwight C. Douglas