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This would be a perfect role for Lindsay Lohan. It is about a young actress who finds herself in a conflict with her boyfriend, her father and reality itself. This jigsaw puzzle of a plot is only understood when the camera pulls back to show you the whole Aspect Ratio of the story. KEYWORDS: Murder, Terror, Movie Makers, Film School

A father goes with his son to College orientation, only to find out his son's orientation isn't what he thought it was. KEYWORDS: College Campus Life, Homosexuality, Comedy, Romance.

Babushka is about a veteran who comes home from war and decides he needs to do something about how the government is being run. He runs for office and finds himself as the target of a maniac. KEYWORDS: Politics, Terror, Suspense, Intrigue.

Three writers suffering from writer's block attend a seminar to "cure" their inability to perform.When they get to the island they discover the hotel has overbooked and has moved them into a nearby home. The insanity begins from there. KEYWORDS: writers, Bock Island, Guy trip, Comedy.  
Two cops are called to the Tuckahoe train station where a massacre has taken place in the last car of a morning rush inbound train. Their goal is to solve the bizarre crime and find the bad guys. KEYWORDS: Murder, Tuckahoe, Cops, Detectives, Small Town.

Working Late is a short movie script that looks at a woman in total denial about her husbandís never ending string of coming home late from the office.  KEYWORDS: New York, Fidelity, workaholics, family.

Television Treatments
This was an attempt to write an episode of one of my favorite shows Law & Order, but had zero luck getting anyone at NBC to read the script. The wall kept me out of the courtyard once again. This was motivated by the interested in the Dan Brown book the DaVinci Code. KEYWORDS: Catholic Church, New York crime, NYPD, Law & Order. 
After Martha Stewart was convicted and sent to prison, I was inpsired to write a pilot for a TV show based on woman in a Minimum Security prison. KEYWORD: Martha Stewart, White Collar Crime, Sitcom, Women's Prison.
This pilot was based on the guys from work hitting the old watering hole to talk about life, liberty and the art of putting down the boss. Each show covers an entire week of going out after work and hoping the waitress would give you a drink On The House. KEYWORDS: work, drinking, co-workers, gossip.