New Podcast Interview on Mashed Potatoes and more…

We’re in sunny Florida today with legendary Burkhart/Abrams radio consultant and author Dwight Douglas. From his first job working at WQED with Fred Rogers on the famed ‘Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood’ television series, to radio programming gigs at WDVE in Pittsburgh and DC 101 in Washington DC, the media loving consultant talks about switching over to television and Turner Broadcasting (remember ‘Night Tracks’?) and how he helped design radio music scheduling software for RCS.

Dwight also discusses surviving cancer during the pandemic with his current book ‘Mashed Potatoes: Cancer, Covid & Comfort Food’ and what inspired him to write ‘How To Hire Great People’’. From radio to television to writing to podcasting – we cover all kinds of media topics in the studio – so slip on the headphones and tune in!

Hear a deep dive into Dwight Douglas’ career in broadcasting and writing with his latest interview on Donna Reed’s world famous podcast, Spotlight Conversations here.


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