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  1. Can’t wait to get my copy of the book! After leaving Nashville to go to 96rock, Atlanta, I was thrilled about being able to finally be working at a major market radio station. One evening, I had just started my 6p to 10p air shift when the program director, who was also my room mate at the time, came in and told me he was leaving for the day and would see me at our apartment after my show. He left and I was the only person remaining on the 12th floor of the building…..until I sensed that I was being watched. About 6:45, I happened to turn around and see the eyes of a young blond and a brunette looking into the studio through the window of the door. I was shocked to see them because the office doors were supposed to be locked. So, I got up and asked them ‘Can I help you?” They replied that they ‘just came by to see the 96rock studio’. OK…. I asked if anyone was with them and they said “no”. OK….. So….I sat them down on the wooden bar stools that we used for interviews that were right beside the two turntables that were being used to play the LPs on the air. I immediately became an impromptu ‘tour guide’ and informed them about being silent when the music stopped playing because everyone listening would hear them if they made a sound. After about 3 or 4 songs and a commercial break, I started the first song of a 20 minute music set and one of the girls pulls out a flask of Jack Daniel’s and asked me….”Hey, Johnboy, would you mind if Mary and I had some of this?” Assuming I had already lost my job because of the violation that they were in the studio after hours, I said, “Fine with me…go right ahead”. They each turned up the flask and then offered it to me which I declined. About three songs later, the brunette says to me….”Heeeey, Johnboy…..don’t you think Mary has great tits?” ???OMG!!! Mary was wearing a turtleneck, long sleeved sweater…..not exposing anything….and I said, “Well, I am sure they are attractive”. When I said that, the brunette reaches over from her bar stool and pulls up Mary’s sweater to reveal a very NICE rack with no bra underneath. Startled, “I said….WEELLLL….that’s definitely a nice pair.” And the brunette says…”But you gotta TASTE EM to appreciate em”. She then kinda leans over and starts munching on Mary’s left boob. In her, now obvious, drunken state, she loses her balance and both she and Mary fall to the floor….while KICKING THE TURNTABLE and making the tone arm slide all the way from the first track to the last track creating this “PPPPPSFFFFSDFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTTTTLLLPPPPPPP” noise for ALL OF ATLANTA to hear live on the air. OMG,OMG,OMG,OMG,OMG!!!!!!! I immediately started the next cued up song and thought to myself “my career is OVER, I AM DEAD, OR FIRED”. I just sat there stunned…. until I noticed that the brunette and Mary had swapped ends and were still very busy enjoying each other ON THE FLOOR OF THE STUDIO!!! Helpless and hopeless, I just sat there while the songs played. Finally…the two girls got up…pulled up their jeans and the brunette said to me, “THANKS, Johnboy….that was Mary’s BIRTHDAY PRESENT”…..


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